Why is water a beauty secret?

Water is like medicine to the body. The reason water is so compatible with our bodies is because we are made up of 70% water, including intracellular fluids, extracellular fluids, lymph, interstitial fluids, synovial fluid and cerebrospinal.

Water acts like a solvent dissolving nutrients and allowing them to be transported into the cells more easily. One of the most important things that water does is it dissolves waste in the kidneys. It also helps to dilute toxins to assist the kidneys. We live in a very toxic world. We need all the help we can get.  Water even helps with digestion, joint movement and respiratory irritants. Water regulates body temperature.  Finally water is also has a spiritual connection to us.  Water runs through ancient rock and limestones. Some say there are ancient healing energies that come from water.  I personally like drinking Mountain Valley water. It is delivered in large glass bottles.  Please consider getting filters in your homes and limit drinking bottle water in plastic bottles.  I know it is hard. If you drink water from plastic bottles look for hard plastics. Research says that a bottle that has a blue color in the plastic is closer to glass.  Today we have to worry not only for phthalates but also how lithium and uranium found its way into our drinking water and how it combines with the plastic bottles.

Water is also a beauty secret as it keeps the skin moist and dewy. When you use organic serums and creams like FOS ORGANICS it also prevents water evaporation.


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