Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is a beauty secret. Its easy to do. The Europeans made it popular the last couple of decades. You can do it before a shower or just first thing in the morning. It is great for cellulite and increases circulation. It is beneficial for the lymph system. The lymphatic system has valves and that is why only certain movements like bouncing on the trampoline, certain movements like jumping up and down, arm swinging and brushing stimulate the lymph. It is very important in our toxic world to move the lymph fluids out of our bodies. It definitely makes you look healthier.

Dry brushing is even available for the face. Only natural bristles can be used. When I do facials on my clients I always show certain movements to do every morning to look less puffier in the face. I even teach them how to move lymph and intercellular fluids out of our faces to prevent the skin from getting loose and fleshy. It is like filling up a balloon with water. Imagine removing the water and you can see how the balloon loses its shape.  Even if I did an expensive lymphatic facial the fluids will still come back the next day. This is something you should do everyday.  The easiest way to de-lymph the face is to use your hands and massage the fluids down the neck into one of our main lymph glands on our upper chest area. Just take your hands and put them on your face in the morning and massage like your washing your face. Take a few minutes everyday. It is like ironing out your face. Just do dry brushing for the rest of the body twice a week for best results.  The dead skin accumulates every couple of weeks. It is not necessary to dry skin brush everyday. Only do twice a week.  When you are in the shower, you could use the different sponges or cottons with you organic soaps to increase circulation everyday. Try to get a filter on your shower. If you can cut your time in the shower to under 15 minutes so as not to absorb chlorine and toxins in our water.

A person can use a number of different sponges for circulation. I just don’t like loofah because it tends to accumulate more bacteria.  You can use cotton, hemp, linens and different sea sponges. I try to find interesting and non gimmicky brushes and sponges. I sell some of my unique sponges on esty. You can find dry brushes at any health food store.


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